2015 Handprint Calendar Template Printable

Finally! The 2015 Handprint Calendar Printable is ready for you to download and use!

Note: Please understand that this calendar is NOT editable. I also cannot accommodate every request for various pages, languages and changes. I will consider your requests on the next go around for 2016! Thanks for understanding.

2015 handprint calendar cover I started this calendar template a long time ago and I should have had it out to you sooner. Life just gets in the way somehow. Thanks for your patience! I do really like this project and I’m so glad so many of you do as well.  It’s such a fun gift for parents to receive from their little ones. I will be working on this project with my group too for the next holidays.


handprint patternshandprint patterns 2

About the 2015 Handprint Calendar Template Printable

Calendar template for creating a child’s handprint calendar. Each a month features a poem and coordinating handprint. Print pages on cardstock for best results. Can be printed in color or black and white. Help child create handprint on pages by painting design on the child’s hand. After it dries details can be added with marker. Handprint patterns are also included. Alternate pages included for:

  • March (Shamrock/ Leprechaun)
  • November (Canada/US)
  • December (Snowman/Santa)

Below are little images of the pages included. handprint calendar pages handprint calendar pages c3 handprint calendar pages c5 handprint calendar pages


Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy using this year’s calendar!

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  1. What a fun idea! It’s a fun way to see how their hands grow throughout the year too!

  2. This is just so cute! Kristi

  3. This is, by far, my favorite handprint calendar…thank you soooo much! We made it in 2013 for our families and it is a truly is a treasured keepsake–well worth the time and effort to make with the kids.

  4. Thank you so much for this printable! I am already working on our handmade Christmas projects. This will be great for

  5. a very good keepsake of our little ones…thanks for sharing these hand n foot prints…..

  6. Love your 2015 calendar! The children are going to have so much fun completing it! Is it possible for you to fix February? The “4” is smaller than the other numbers, the “5” is missing and the “20” is missing the zero. Many thanks!!!

  7. Thank you so much. I love making these calender with my classroom.

  8. Lynanne Haley says:

    Thank you for the Printable as I will make this with my Kindergarten students for their Parents/Guardians!!!

  9. Rebecca Hogg says:

    Hi Stacy. Love your Handprint Calendar. I was wondering if you could do an Australian Version for me PLEASE!!! you would just need to swap the summer and winter months around.

  10. Aubree Throop says:

    We are starting your calendar today for Christmas presents. I have wanted to do one for a few years now and am going for it! I am wondering if there is a page of the calendar or a template I can edit-I would like to do a flag for July and would obviously need to change the poem. Thanks for making this a beautiful project for us to have access to! Much appreciated!

  11. This is so cute but when I click on the link it gives me an error. Maybe an error on my end? :(

  12. Nancy Castleberry says:

    Thank you so much for the calendar template. Your time and generosity is totally appreciated. I have a question about the dec. snowman/santa options. I like to use the santa for dec. but I would like to use the snowman one for jan. I am unable to edit the calendar therefore I can’t change it myself. My question is could/would you change the dec. snowman to the jan. calendar:) Thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

  13. This is such a great idea and i can’t wait to get started, thanks for all the hard work you put into it. i do have a question about using the snowman for January. Is there a way I can do this/

  14. This is too cute! Can’t wait to do this for my sister-in-law as a Christmas gift!

  15. I love your calender but I can’t print it for some reason? Help x

  16. I came across this web site by accident. Loved the calendar. Would you by chance do a 2016. would love to do this next year.I put one together with pictures of the children.

  17. Hi!!!

    I was wondering if there is anyway I can get this in a version that I can edit the wording/font a bit? (of course it will just be used for personal use and not sold or transferred to anyone else!- just in case you were wondering! :) ) I want to change this up a bit so it reflects that my 2 kids did it together, rather than just one child. This is the CUTEST idea ever and I know both sides of grandparents are going to love it! :) PERFECT Christmas gift!

    Thank you sooo much for your generosity in creating this for all of us not as creative people out there! :)

  18. Julayne McKinster says:

    I went to click on the download for the 2015 calendar and it went to the Ivy tech website. I would really like to print it so I can do the handprints with my two grandsons for their parents for Christmas.

  19. I agree with the wonderful comments. I too, would like to make a 2015-2016 version. ANd I also agree for the request for a version that I could edit myself. I am neither in Canada or in the States, so I would like to adapt for different countries. Thanks so much.


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