4th of July Sparkler Wands

4th of July Sparkler Wands While shopping at Michael’s, I spotted red, white and blue mesh tube ribbon. I’ve never used tube ribbon before and wondered what I could come up with. It was 50% off so I had to do something with it! We ended up using it several ways, including  a piece cut for the cat to play with.

Cut pieces of ribbon looked amazing in our 4th of July Sparkle bottles. 4th of July sparkle bottles 1

I also put a length of mesh tube ribbon in the sensory bin for a cutting activity and the kids cut it into pieces.  It provided an opportunity to explore a new material and a challenge for snipping something different. They discovered the ribbon could be cut length wise and some tried cutting 2 or 3 pieces in half at a time. A great 4th of July sensory bin/activity!

mesh tube ribbon sensory bin cutting activity 1

Someone else was very interested in this activity as well! He now has a piece of his own to play with and carries it around in his mouth and chases it on the floor.

mesh tube ribbon sensory bin cutting activity

In the end, I wanted to create a sparkler that my preschoolers could safely play with. They could also be used a decorations in pots, in the garden or as a centerpiece.

4th of July Sparkler Wands

To make the sparkler wands, you will need:


  1. Cut ribbon into pieces, about 6-8″ long
  2. lay 5 together and tie with another one, creating a star shape
  3. Hot glue to top of craft stick.
  4. Repeat for other side.

4th of July sparkler wands

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