Today after lunch we went dandelion picking. What for? Because we’re going to make syrup!**Eww, it was a very bitter syrup. We didn’t like it but it was fun & very memorable!!** I know, it’s sounds crazy but it also sounds fun! The idea is from 5 Orange Potatoes. There’s so much inspiration on that blog for things I want to try! We have a whole ice cream bucket full so we might have to try the dandelion cookies too. I want to do the syrup with Brett only – it’s the kind of thing that makes memories! I took 20+ *cute* pictures of him picking dandelions too so soon I’ll be scrapbooking!

I think I’ll throw in a little dandelion theme this week for the day care kids since they’re so abundant right now. They can taste the syrup & cookies. We’ll walk over to this field & they can pick, pick, pick til their hearts content. We will read our dandelion stories & make this cute dandelion art. (I don’t recall where that came from – maybe Kidssoup?) This seed art is also a good idea as well as the dandelion prints. Some people are just amazing with all their ideas.

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    great shots of your son in the dandelions! thanks for the link back, so glad you found my dandelion activities inspirational. Love your sugar scrubs in your ETSY shop.

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    I always loved dandelions and the white clover flowers that grew in our yard. I never understood why Mom would buy marigolds to plant which I thought could not compare in beauty to a dandelion.
    Let us know how the syrup and cookies turn out.
    I have pictures of Edgar A and I picking dandelion greens and of us cleaning them. He cooked them like spinach. He said it is important to get young greens, before the flower starts.

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