Ice Cube Painting {Rainbows}













This was something new for us, painting with ice cubes. I froze LIQUID WATERCOLORS (filled the trays with water first, then added watercolors & stirred) overnight. I knew it was going to be hot day so the plan was to do this activity outside. I’ve seen this activity done plenty on paper but I wanted to try fabric. {If anyone offers you fabric of any kind for your day care/preschool, TAKE IT! I had a huge donation a couple years ago and I’ve used a lot of it for various activities.}

Even though it was hot, it took a while for the ice to melt allowing lots of time to play with the ice.
What I didn’t expect is the kids to play with the cubes making things like this:
It soon turned to hoarding & stockpiling….a little arguing besides…
All the while the cubes were melting on the fabric leaving pretty colors. After the center was wet we moved the fabric so the edges would get painted too.
Then we hung it up on the clothesline to dry.
It’s beautiful! I think we’ll use it right here in the summer, on the clothesline to play behind. There’s an area in this corner between the deck & the fence that the kids like to play in.
Whoops, I didn’t realize it wasn’t cut straight on the end…
What was left – it melted too fast for us to put it in the water table, but that was the plan.
I thought this was an amazing fun activity! The kids {7 of them} were fully engaged and enjoying playing, kept cool, made a mess and made art all at the same time!

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  1. Gail says

    great idea! I wonder if you could use kool-aid or jello for color instead of paint? I teach toddlers.


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