Learning About Orbit {Space}

To learn about orbit, we made orbit toys with yellow craft sticks {sun} and a metal washer decorated with glitter, attached with fishing line. Then the washer can be spun around the stick causing the planet to orbit.

  • Notch the craft stick between a pair of scissor blades to tie the fishing line around.
  • First spray the washers with spray adhesive or smear with glue and then glitter. We used blue and green for Earth.
  • Washers can also be decorated in other ways, like with paint, or markers.

orbit 1
Facts for preschoolers:

  • The Sun has a family, called the Solar System. The Solar System has planets, moons, comets, rock, dust and ice that all swirl around the Sun.
  • The sun is a star.
  • The sun has a grainy surface, like an orange peel.
  • The sun is very hot! On a hot summer day, it might be 100 degrees. The sun’s temperature is 10,000 degrees!
  • The sun is very important to us. We need the sun to for light and warmth.
  • The Earth takes on year to orbit the sun. January, February, March…

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