Pop Paintings

Yesterday we tried doing pop art with paint, vinegar and baking soda in Ziploc baggies.p4
{please ignore the stain splatter on *everything*. We need to power wash the table yet}p3
This how it’s done:  {I’m not sure where the idea originally came from, but I found it on a day care forum}
Spread a large sheet of craft paper {we tape several large pieces together since I’m out of roll paper} on the ground. Measure one tablespoon of baking soda into the center of a square of toilet paper, fold it into a bundle, and tuck it into one corner of a sandwich-size zip-top bag. Help your child mix one-third cup of white vinegar with one tablespoon of tempera paint; pour into the opposite corner of the bag. Seal quickly, leaving a little air in the bag, and shake slightly to mix. Set it on the paper, then stand back. The bag will quickly puff up like a pillow, then pop, leaving an inkblot-style masterpiece.
Snack size baggies work best but I only had a few of them so we adjusted the “recipe” for larger baggies with lots of trial & error. It was a good activity and lesson anyway.
My niece is here helping this week. Isn’t that nice? Yes, it is!
The art isn’t exactly a keepsake with all the baking soda and tissue clumps that remain after the paint dries but this wasn’t really about the art, although it did turn out neat.p7p8p9
Yes, some paint soaked through to the rug but it’s going to be replaced soon anyway.
This last baggie didn’t pop but decided to squirt out the corner so Brett shook it around while it was spraying. That was fun too!p10p12
Great outdoor summer fun idea that includes art and science!

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