Recycled Water Bottles {Plastic Bead Mosaic}

A few years ago we tried making these plastic beads from cut up pieces of water & pop bottles.  It was really fun!  The other idea I had was to make a mosaic type piece of art with by hot gluing them onto cardstock/cardboard backing.   I had lots of help with the coloring this morning.

  1. Cut strips of clear plastic bottles.
  2. Color with permanent markers (Sharpies).
  3. Wrap around a needle-nose pliers.
  4. Heat with heat gun to melt. (I use a heat gun for embossing from Stampin Up!)

It just takes seconds to melt these into little beads. They’re beautiful! {For trash anyway!}
See directions & another post on making plastic beads here.
They can also be made into a necklace or bracelet.
finished2 copy
I’m posting this for Creative Challenge #5 on Tinker Lab.

Also adding this post to Playtime on The Imagination Tree

Other ideas for plastic bottles:
Sensory Bottles

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