Roll–A- Rainbow Game

rfunOur next rainbow activity is a game inspired by Katherine Marie Photography. Truly great stuff there. I loved her idea for this game but I needed it to work with my preschoolers so I created a printable and used just one foam die {sounds weird} for our version to avoid having to add.


What you need:  M & M’s of course! I sorted them by color but realized I didn’t really need to, other than taking out the brown ones. Otherwise a big bag of M & M’s has roughly an equal amount of each color in a bag. Didn’t know that! Of course I didn’t count them and I had already eaten some…

Roll A Rainbow Preschool Game

Foam dice: I got mine at 50/50 Outlet, a party supply store. Rainbow pattern {download below}.

foam dice Roll A Rainbow Preschool GameRoll A Rainbow Preschool Game Roll A Rainbow Preschool Game printable Roll A Rainbow Preschool Game

Brett {8 years} really enjoyed this game. The rest of this group is young so they mostly did color matching and didn’t roll the die. One just sat and ate his M & M’s. Smart kiddo. I tried to go around & encourage matching and counting.

We’ll do this again before the end of the month/our rainbow theme! m7

Click to download game pattern – I would laminate them or put them in a sheet protector. Once the kids start to eat their candy, things get sticky!

Roll A Rainbow Preschool Game printable page

We also did a little more painting outside!

Homemade Sidewalk paint

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  1. […] The idea of this game was to roll 2 different sets of dice. One had numbers and the other had colors. Each child had a turn rolling to see which color to cover, and how many needed covering. For example, if someone rolled a 3 and the color orange, that person would cover 3 of their orange dots with skittles. The first one to cover their rainbow is the winner. One word of caution, if there are a lot of children at the party, they may get impatient waiting or their turn. Perhaps have several sets of dice going at the same time? This Rainbow game page can be found here. […]

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