Sensory Balloons & Painting {Rainbows}

This is the last of our rainbow activities that I’m just getting around to posting although we did it a few weeks ago. I see Play At Home Mom recently posted about a similar activity using filled balloons as a sensory activity.
Our balloons were filled with: flour, rice, pasta, salt, water and corn from a sensory bin.The kids really enjoyed guessing what was in each one. The flour and water were especially enjoyable to manipulate.  After playing with them and guessing what was in each balloon, we made paintings.
Very colorful paintings with such neat patterns and effects from the filled balloons. Great activity we’ll do again!
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  1. Neat Stacy! I made sensory balloons during our pumpkin theme…using orange balloons and made two of each kind. I placed them in a large plastic pumpkin and they enjoyed reaching in and finding matches. I like the idea of painting with them! Have you have put corn inside of pantyhose as a sensory/painting activity? That’s neat too!

  2. Rather… “have you ever put corn…” :-)

  3. What a fun activity! My youngest will love doing this.
    I found you on the Sunday Showcase link-up!

  4. I love the idea of filling them & having them guess what’s inside, such a nifty idea! We just did balloon painting too, it’s so fun!

  5. Love balloons! Fun paintings too!

  6. This is neat. I filled a balloon with rice today just for fun. My little boy said I ruined the balloon. Ha.

  7. Fun idea and the results are so gorgeous. Love those textures in the paint.

  8. Such a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. We’ve never painted with sensory balloons! (Water balloons filled with air, so somewhat similar, yet different!) Thanks for giving me a new inspiring idea and Thanks for linking up over at the PreKandK Sharing We LOVE Paint linky party!

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