Water Balloon Fun

It looks like a lot of balloons (it was when I was filling them!) but you know how fast they go especially with 7 kids?

So you line em up:

They aim:

And we see who can throw theirs the farthest (Brett’s was over the fence in the neighbor’s bush)

Then we see who can throw one through the hula hoop.

And that’s all the pictures I got since I had to meet the bus, wash up the baby, finish cleaning up after lunch, etc.

Other ideas:  
  • relays
  • throw balloon up in the air and catch
  • see who’s lasts the longest
  • toss back & forth with a partner
  • fill with shaving cream & then water for more messy fun
  • divide in teams and then pass the balloon
  • End with a water balloon fight
  • and a broken balloon pick up for a treat!
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