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3 Healthy Bathroom Habits for Kids {Self Help Skills}

I’ve had some new kids join my group {of 2-5 year olds} the last few weeks and one thing I see consistently is that kids need to be taught simple bathroom routines. Sure, they might have potty training down pat, but basic habits need to go along with that.

1. Close. I want the lid closed for several reasons – I don’t want to look at it open {who does?}, the little kids are less likely to play in it and the cat stays out. Also, did you know, closing the lid keeps germs from flying around the room when the toilet is flushed.  (Don’t keep your toothbrush on the back of the toilet or on the edge of the sink near the toilet! Ick!) It’s just a good habit.

2. Flush. Why not insist the child flush every time? They are capable and should do it every time. Why should someone else do it for them later? It’s a responsibility and it’s courteous.

3. Wash. This is so necessary. Every. Single. Time. I insist on it. Once a parent told me: My bathroom is so clean I don’t worry about it. I believe her home is immaculate {she didn’t work and brought her child to me so it should be!} Not only does the child touch the toilet, other surfaces in the bathroom, but also his own body and possibly fluids. Eww. What about teaching healthy habits? He won’t always be at home.
Some kids I have to tell every single time. Others catch on right away. I do think some of these things start at home and can start habits that will last a lifetime.

Oh, it’s so good when kids are encouraged to be independent and taught self help skills! It’s a big part of my job.

Here is a nice guide for self help skills: All By Myself.  Of course each child develops differently. If we give opportunities for kids to learn self help skills and enough time for them to try, they will learn important skills, develop confidence and build self esteem. Resist babying a child that is old enough to do something on their own. The goal is one day to have independent people and little people can do a lot of things now! I find it eventually makes life easier if you invest the time to teach them.

Ismail N

Tuesday 13th of September 2011

Kids are so smart but needs constant reminding, not because they forget but because they usually think such processes as unimportant.

Jess Bjokne

Tuesday 13th of September 2011

Great post (again) I agree wholeheartedly with all you've said!