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A Special Visit

Today we stopped in to visit my Grandma. She was doing pretty good given her age of 95. While we were there, I saw this notebook for the first time. It’s old, like 100 years old. The cover says “JcPenny Co. & 4 cents”. In it her mother wrote poems and hymns. The last few pages tell about two of her little ones that died too soon. I thought it was really special. From the parts I read, I can tell she was special like my Grandma.

To my children one and all
To my children so dear
I will leave this book
Think of me kindly as on
These lines you look
Tho oft I have failed you
When my help you did need
Please read it o’er clearly
And to these words take heed.


Wednesday 26th of October 2011

That notebook is quite a treasure! Wow.

Ms. Amber

Monday 24th of October 2011

That is sweet! She looks spry at 95 yrs! Pretty lady. We live next door to Great-Grandma-she's 90. Does very well also. Very independent. Been special being near her (not sure if she thinks the same LOL).


Monday 24th of October 2011

That's really Neat! Its cool to find things from our grandparents younger years, I found one of my grandmas Diary from her teen years, It's kinda cool to read it and see what they where like growing up!