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I haven’t had much to share this week for some reason but I feel I’ve accomplished a lot.

  • I sent out 300 of these – a newsletter for the above mentioned organization. Usually I just do a small mailing & send it out to those on the email list, but since it’s a new year we’re sending it out to all licensed & certified providers in 3 counties. I should have had it out sooner but that’s the way it goes when you’re a volunteer, it’s (was) holiday time and you’re running a business while trying to have a life.  I’ve tried to step back from this area but the organization nearly folded this summer so I’ve helped keep it afloat. I try to not to commit to too much because people just want to take rather than contribute (unfortunately) so I have to protect my time. This week recently, I’ve given more time than usual.  
  • I’ve been working on adding numbers and multicultural influences to my room this week.  I’m placing an order on later today for the books I’ve found (using my Swagbucks gift cards!)  I’ll post more on this topic later for those who follow me for preschool related topics.
  • I made dinner 3 nights. I usually cook but sometimes it’s last minute. This week I was more prepared. I also made 2 loaves of bread, some cookies and brownies & two hot breakfasts.  Last night it was pizza & relax night since we have plans tonight.
  • I renewed my Registry certificate and registered for WMELS class that starts in February. (YoungStar related)
  • I dusted, scrubbed the kitchen floor (besides the daily multiple sweepings/wipe-ups), washed all the rugs, caught up on laundry and organized my clothes (which always seem to be out of control.)
  • Groceries/piano lessons Monday night, Tuesday night 4-H meeting, Wed night study.
  • Of course I had my regular days of kids & activities. We’re learning about community helpers and different kinds of jobs. 
  • Somehow I’ve been mentoring other child care providers – one that’s younger and recently started and another who’s older & has 35 years experience?!  I suppose it’s because my name is on the website/newsletter…I enjoy it, just wish I had more time for it all.  I appreciate the help & support that was there for me when I started. There are so many changes in child care right now that it’s no longer “just babysitting” (*hasn’t been for a long time*).  The standards are really high & I feel it necessary in many ways for quality child care.

amy b.

Saturday 15th of January 2011

I love it when the list at the end of the week looks like that. Too often, I get bogged down in the still needs to be done list and forget to tally up what's been accomplished.


Friday 14th of January 2011

This is one week you can cross off with a big old smiling face for all you accomplished! You are one motivated person.