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Anxiously Waiting! {Birds & Eggs}

We have 29 chick eggs incubating!  Today is day 16…just 5 more days before hatching! {Or “patching” as one of the preschoolers calls it!}eggs1
Here’s our set up ~ on the kitchen counter. I love the new thermometer we’re using this year that allows me to see the temp and humidity inside the incubator (as opposed to one kept on the inside).  I can’t keep the humidity as high as it should be, which is normal I guess.eggs2
On the counter, we keep a laminated copy of this development chart to “see” how the chicks are progressing.
A peek inside!eggs3
We have pictures and videos playing on the digital picture frame. We have pictures of chicks from previous years, nests, birds, and a video of a chick hatching.  There’s also our book about a life cycle of a chick.
It appears we’ll have a good hatch! I was told the eggs are very fertile this year (or that a higher number of them were fertilized? Not sure on the terminology) this year. Also, the eggs are getting heavier and I can see by holding them up to a lamp that the eggs are dark, meaning growth inside. It’s so exciting to see movement inside!  We’ll have chicks hatching just in time for our Baby Animals theme.


Wednesday 30th of March 2011

It's neat that you do this with the kids. I'm sure it makes a huge impression on them!