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Blocks, Blocks & More Blocks!

Blocks is one thing my day care has been lacking. I have many small table sized blocks, cardboard “bricks”, soft baby blocks, Peek-a-Blocks and small square wood blocks. But the large, floor blocks we’ve been missing.

When it came time to select items with grant money from YoungStar, I knew exactly what I wanted! Believe me, I know how unheard of grant money is for family child care, so I feel fortunate. Not that they hasn’t been *many* requirements that go along with it.

Here’s our new block center! We have *lots* of blocks {I’m nearly afraid to count them up} but aren’t blocks like books? You can’t have too many?


We have:

sensory blocksarchblocks

fillable blocks

Fillable blocks filled with: pasta, red star beads, pom poms, “pokey balls”, sprinkles, rainbow rice, beads, large buttons, colored toothpicks, foam shapes.

I’ve spent some time with my group building. At first I just watched to see what they would do with the blocks, but they aren’t used to playing with them, and didn’t do much more than look at them. So each morning I spend some time building and giving them ideas on things we can do with them.


Today they are hammering.


Tunnels are great for rolling a ball through!blocks2

I know these will last a long time and provide many years of great learning fun.