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Counting 1-10 Sticker Page

Today we worked on counting up to ten using stickers.  I keep an envelope full of odd stickers for projects like this. We get free stickers in the mail, people give me stickers (this happens a lot because they figure I can use them with the day care) and some are left over from other activities.stickerpg

The younger ones participated too.  This was his first time with stickers I think. I peeled them off (as fast as I could) and handed them to the boys to put on their paper. Usually if kids need help peeling off stickers, I do it for them and stick the sticker on the top of their hand so they can pick them off there and use them. These two boys were a little confused with that, thinking the sticker should stay on their hand so that didn’t work today!sp1

Very busy with stickers.sp2

Just had to add this picture…looking so big with a haircut & standing like this!sp3

1-10 sticker page