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Creative Free Play

I’ve been observing some out of the ordinary creative play lately, so I had to share some pictures.

This little guy took the bowl from the play kitchen and was banging on it with the xylophone stick. Loud!


That changed to playing both at once! He was going like crazy!bang

One day my group were at the counter playing, “eating”. A bowl of “noodle beads.”bowlbeads

Drinking from a cup and straw – it looked so real! I did a double take.drink

Pouring beads


That cat has gone on some joy rides in the shopping cart. He really likes it even though he looks a bit overwhelmed in these pictures! Winking smiles6s2

I found the play sink full of beads and clips. They like to stir in here.


One day while making lunch, one of the kids spied my salad spinner so I let them play with it. They love it!