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Dress Up Jobs: Bankers

When we learned about bankers, we used a box with a paper dial that could be turned like opening a bank vault. We talked about banks: they keep money safe for us. The vault has a big lock that must be opened with numbers to get the money out. Great activity for learning about numbers: we drew three cards and turned the dial to those numbers before opening it. The vault got played with a lot.v2

We learned about coins & paper dollars being different.  We will talk more about money in February during President’s day.  v3

The kids first said that bankers “sell money”. I explained that we take our money to the bank  to keep it safe and so we can easily spend it (like write a check or use our cards to take money out when we buy something) but even though the bank has lots of money, they will only give us our money. We can’t have as much money as we want. The bank books were a really fun activity that I think was a great learning experience. Each child got $5.00. They could bring as much money to the bank as they wanted but then could only withdraw that much money. They enjoyed the record keeping part of filling in the triangles and circles for “spend” or “save”.v4

Pay Day Song (that even you can sing!):

Sing to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”

Work, work, work and do

Something that you love.

At the end of the day, you’ll receive your pay

Then put in the bank today.

Here’s the bank books we used:


Loved these ideas & activities from Mother Goose Time!

Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids

Saturday 29th of January 2011

What a great way to teach number recognition and early money concepts.