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Fall Activities

Bears playing in the leaves.  I asked the kids to finish the sentence:  “My bear likes to eat….” Answers:

  1. Strawberries

2. Leaves & sticks

3. Outside (from the 2 yr old!)

4. Food

5.  Leaves

Halloween activity books – I decided to staple some coloring/activity sheets together into a book so it “looks like something” rather than sending home individual sheets that get crumpled up and lost.  The kids always like books!

Fall trees with magazine leaves

Dried sunflowers in the sensory table. Messy like all things in the sensory table!!

I totally missed posting about our rainforest theme from last month. I might still add it.

Ben, Kara, Taylor and Hailey

Wednesday 14th of October 2009

very neat projects! thanks for sharing, as always :)


Wednesday 14th of October 2009

where did you get the book idea? i like that one