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Folded Paper Paint Blending

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This is Part One of our project:  using droppers to drop paint blobs on our paper.
Just a side note: I have saved lots of meat trays and they worked great for 2 cups of paint and to set the droppers on. Each child could use two colors before passing the tray on. I like these clear plastic cups for paint so we can see what color is in each one. The meat trays also work great as paint trays for foam stamps.
We used liquid watercolors and tempera paint with a few drops of water to thin it out. After dropping paint. Ready to fold.
After folding paper in half:
The corners can also be folded in to cover as much of the paper with paint.d6d7d8d10d11d12d14d13
What a great activity! Part two, coming up!  {Part 2 here}

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Folded Paper Paint Blending
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