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Help Yourself Pitchers Pouring Practice

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In early childhood. learning self-help skills can be part of the play.

Recently I purchased a set of the Help-Yourself Pitchers to promote drinking water while children are in child care. My “Help Yourself Pitchers Pouring Practice” activity utilizes the small pitchers for the children to practice their pouring skills.

I have one set out every day for them to help themselves to water. We use several of them at snack time so they can pour their own. So far we’ve only used them with water but we might try milk and juice eventually.

These are great little pitchers that the kids are so excited about. They like to do it themselves. It’s challenging though so I thought I should give them some time to play with them to practice pouring.

Help Yourself Pitchers Pouring Practice

It was so quiet and everyone was so busy! Lots of concentration for pouring.Help Yourself Pitchers Pouring Practice

The little clear measuring cups were recently in the Target dollar section. I was so excited to find them! I bought a bunch of them for water play next summer. They are also a hit for holding lots of other things. Recently I found a cup holding three small zebras.

Help Yourself Pitchers Pouring Practice

Pouring is a fine motor skill that uses the hand and wrist. Help Yourself Pitchers Pouring Practice

Practicing pouring water is more than just trying not to spill. Help Yourself Pitchers Pouring Practice

It requires concentration and coordination. It requires small muscle control that indirectly prepares for writing.

Help Yourself Pitchers Pouring Practice

During this activity, independence can be gained. A child can learn to pour his/her own drink {our main goal}.

Once they can pour independently, they can also pour for others, allowing them to be helpful and gain confidence in themselves.

Help Yourself Pitchers Pouring Practice

Pouring out and filling another container develops the mathematical mind as well. The child estimates how much water is in the pitcher and how much can be poured into the cup before it overflows.

Additional activities could expand the mathematical aspect of this activity, but mostly, it’s just plain fun to pour!


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