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I am Different {homemade books}

To go along with our “My Amazing Body” theme, I’ve been working on this book with the poem / finger play I found on I just love how it turned out! I will also print a page to send home with each child.
This activity supports diversity and teaches acceptance of each other.  Every child needs to recognize what makes themselves special and develop a strong sense of self, to know that others respect their home culture, even if it differs from their own.
We will be working on other activities that promote diversity but we started with something familiar, our own hands.
This is a finger play to do with children during circle time.

I am different from my head to my toes(point to self then to head and toes)
I am different from my eyes to my nose(point to self then eyes and nose)
I come from a place that is far and wide(point to self then spread arms wide open)
A place where we all smile instead of cry(act like you are tracing your lips into a smile
and bring hands down eyes as if you were crying)
I am very different as you can see(point to self then at a friend)
But I still have a lot of love in me!(point to self place hand over the heart then hug yourself)
Written by: Kenyetta C., a teacher from Watson Avenue Day Care

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I am different preschool book
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I am different homemade photo book
I am different homemade photo book
I am different homemade photo book
I am different homemade photo book
I am different homemade photo book
Each hand picture has a coordinating poem with the child’s name.
I am different homemade photo book 

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Tamika Morris

Thursday 15th of March 2018

Love your poem and story book idea!

Kenyetta Coaxum

Tuesday 5th of January 2016

Thank you I am the author of I Am Different


Thursday 14th of January 2016

Wonderful! Many have enjoyed your poem! Thanks for the comment Kenyetta.

Debbie Clement

Tuesday 17th of January 2012

Thanks so much for linking your post to my linkie blog hop -- on all things "Martin Luther King, Jr" to share ideas on diversity and acceptance.

Glad to help get your ideas out to a wider world!

Debbie ClementRainbowsWithinReach


Monday 8th of February 2016

We need more ingsihts like this in this thread.