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Leaves & Making Salads

Next up in our garden theme – leaves. So we did some {lettuce} leaf tearing. The boys were very excited about this! They needed some help getting started as a couple said “I can’t do it” and tried to squeeze or crumble it instead. Tearing, that’s different.

After everyone tore some lettuce onto their plates, I put out bowls with spoons of: shredded cheese, sliced cucumbers, mushrooms, peppers and little tomatoes.
Making Salads with Preschoolers Nutrition
I reminded them several times that they would be eating these salads so just to take what they thought they wanted to eat or try. The one with 6 tomatoes ate them all. The boy with all mushrooms tried one. Two of them ate nearly all of it. The other one tried the red pepper (that he tasted the day before & liked) but that’s all. That’s OK. They’ve had the experience and we’ll try it again some day. I did offer salad dressing at meal time.