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Love The Earth Day Buttons

I really like Earth Day, I really do. I’m not a big environmentalist or anything but I like the outdoors {when it’s nice I admit}, gardening, anything growing and living.  Celebrating Earth Day is fun. I like that there is a part kids can do, like picking up trash, helping with recycling and composting. Of course, there’s so much for kids to do outside. Today we made fingerprint Love The Earth Day Buttons.

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Love The Earth Day Buttons



  1. We talked about the Earth having a lot of water and less land.
  2. Cut watercolor paper into circles using the template.
  3. Using ink pads, the children can make fingerprints on the paper to resemble Earth.
  4. After making green and blue fingerprints, using the red ink pad, make two fingerprints in the shape of a heart.
  5. Assemble the button and pin on.

Love The Earth Day ButtonsLove The Earth Day Buttons

They each turned out different and all turned out beautiful!

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Tuesday 26th of April 2011

What a terrific idea - I've never thought of making our own buttons. Thanks for sharing this thought.