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Making a Difference with Little Switches

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We all know little things really add up to big things. I often find myself taking a step back and considering how a little change could make a difference in my life as a child care provider working from my home:

For me, it’s about being ahead of the game!  If I’m behind, I stop and see what I can do to get ahead of schedule for whatever is next. Sometimes this means a longer night or a couple hours on Saturday at my desk but it helps in the long run.

Other times it’s about preparing a snack ahead of time or changing things up so we do morning clean up 10 minutes earlier. It feels so good to be “ahead of the game” again!

Getting reorganized: I keep a monthly calendar and a weekly calendar for scheduling and recording hours I’ve worked, for tax purposes. There’s also emails, texts and phone calls to answer. Forms that need to be updated. Activity calendar that needs to be created. Website, blog, and handbook that needs attention. Activity plans that need to be gone over. Slowing down to reorganize and get caught up is worth the time.

Sometimes I need little switch of schedule or routine, and I’m sure the kids need it too. So if circle time is becoming a drag, we do more of our work at the table or go outside instead!

One thing that may be to my favor or my detriment, is that I like to be flexible. Some people may view that as being indecisive or having a lack of commitment. Such as, if I make a menu plan and I change my mind at the last minute and we make something else or go out to dinner.  I need flexibility like that. If I have a menu, it’s not likely I’ll follow it to a T. Ever.  I’m getting better! I’m okay with not being 100% firm on things and going with the flow. Have to be with kids!

Other little switches in life that matter: water instead of Diet Coke. Well, I still love it but how about less of it? Reusable shopping bags instead of paper or plasticRed grapes instead of green (Higher content of antioxidants, anthocyanins and a few less calories. Not that I really know what I’m talking about. I just know they just say foods with more colors are better for you!)  Plain yogurt instead of flavored. I love it. 

Composting instead of throwing compostable items in the trash. Feels like a good thing to do and a great learning experience for the kids! Using rags instead of paper towels for cleaning. Also for hand towels for the kids to dry their hands on. 

I only buy lotion Kleenex. A lot easier on the little noses!  For when I need paper towel, Bounty Basic instead of regular {expensive} Bounty. It’s really nice stuff and I use a lot of it!  Homemade laundry detergent! I’ve been using it for 2 years? now and I love it. Another little {really it’s big} switch I’m working on?  Replacing time outs in my day care with social emotional learning. I have a lot to learn yet. 

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