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Making Butter

Yesterday we learned about wheat and making bread and butter.  It’s quite a process!  Butter is actually much easier to make than bread. First we put cream in a jar (several containers) and added a little salt, yellow food coloring and a marble. The marble makes it fun to shake!  Soon we were all tired of shaking so we “turned it over” (C’s words) to the mixer.  That made quick work of it!  Soon the cream becomes thick and there’s a thin liquid in the bowl, buttermilk.  We had it on garlic bread at lunch and wheat bread at snack.  I just read an article in the news about making butter:
This project page was really about practicing cutting with scissors. The kids cut apart their pieces of wheat. I like the realistic pictures used. Kids don’t see wheat fields very often! We read “The Little Red Hen” too.
B & C (4 yr olds) helped us out with writing the “Making Bread” part.  
We make it with flour and wheat. There’s a lot of jobs: grow it, plant it and wait until we pick it. Then we can mill it and get a big bag of flour. It’s a lot of work because there’s a lot of ingredients to add. Then we mix it and make it into bread. Mix it up and put it in the oven. Then we bake it in the oven. Then we get to eat it!