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Mess Free Painting with Kwik Stix

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We are excited to get to try out the new Kwik Stix! I’ve been wanting to try them and was able to get some free samples to try out with my child care kids. I was really hoping they would be as great as they seem. Guess what? They are!

This post is sponsored by The Pencil Grip, Inc, Creators of Kwik Stix. All opinions are my own.

Mess Free Painting Kiwk Stix

Don’t get me wrong, we love messy! We do lots of messy art like syringe painting or Starry Night Sensory Play but sometimes, less mess is very welcomed!

Since we are working recognizing our names and letters in our names, I printed out each child’s name in a large fillable font (kbsticktoit font)

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Mess Free Painting with Kwik Stix

Kwik Stix are solid tempera paint sticks. They certainly are easy to use! They’re a lot like a glue stick. The paint glides on very smoothly on paper and dries quickly, in 90 seconds!

Mess Free Painting Kiwk Stix

Kwik Stix can be used on paper, wood, canvas, cardboard and many other types of crafts.

Mess Free Painting Kiwk Stix

My kids, ages 2-5, really like them! They are getting good use. They have been awesome about putting the caps back on so they don’t dry out or get ruined. I have them trained well.

Mess Free Painting Kiwk Stix

I haven’t had any problems with them twisting the stix way up or breaking them off. I explained that we don’t want to do that or they will be ruined.

Mess Free Painting Kiwk Stix

The “shiny” ones, or the Metalix, are their favorites. Mess Free Painting Kiwk Stix

We always have our art cart out with blank paper for free time so the Quik Stix are getting lots of use during that time and they are creating wonderful designs!Mess Free Painting Kiwk Stix

Below are a few examples of the art and name coloring we’ve done with our new Quik Stix. The colors are very vibrant.

Mess Free Painting Kiwk StixMess Free Painting Kiwk Stix

No stains on hands. Washes easily off the table. Dries smooth and bright. Awesome art material!
Mess Free Painting Kiwk Stix

Kwik Sticks are new at Target. Now you can find Kwik Stix 6 packs of Basic and Metalix colors. If you want Kwik Stix 96 pack, 24 pack, 12 pack and 6 packs of Classics, neons, and Metalix are available at

Kwik Stix would make great Christmas gifts too. Kids will love using them and parents will love that they are mess free!

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