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Midweek Update

  • A new little boy started day care on Monday. He’s been a bit of handful or a challenge. Not an impossible one, just one that requires much more patience & dedication than I’ve had to give in a while. He seems to be responding to the Supernanny-style time out technique. (I don’t think it should be called “the naughty” anything.)
  • I should be hearing from the other interview by Friday. She wants to bring her son here, just depends on what assistance covers. If that doesn’t work out, or the one I referred to above, I have another lead for a ANOTHER 4 yr old boy. ****He starts on the 24th!****
  • Last night I suprised Damon. I arranged a babysitter (which was pure luck to get her at the last minute or any time for that matter) and I called Damon at work and “asked him out.” I didn’t tell him where we were going/what we’re doing until we left. We went to dinner at a place we’ve never been to before. We ate outside along the river & it was a beautiful night. It was good to get away & have some fun.
  • What to do with 2 heads of cabbage? It was given to me and now I should use it. Neither of us love it but we’ll eat it. I have a couple ideas, but either way, it’s a lot of cabbage! We also got a big cauliflower and green beans.
  • Need to start packing for vacation next week! I’ll look forward to the trip once I’m in the car. I don’t think I’m really anticipating it like usual since we didn’t do the planning of it (going with Julie & family) and because of the drive. And everything else on my mind like:
  • The rest of this month is going to fly by. I’m not ready. For school. For convention, for birthdays, for schedule changes, for summer to be over. I’m not going to think about it til later!

Sweet CuddleCakes

Thursday 6th of August 2009

We are sooo not ready for school to start back either!!!