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Misc on Wednesday

  • Finally I am caught up on the heaps of laundry.  I’ve been terribly behind.  It’s so nice my guys don’t complain but that doesn’t surprise me, they’re not complainers.
  • I spent a lot of last weekend recreating my day care website!  I like it.
  • I spent a chunk of time updating my day care blog (it’s private) recently too. Parents like the view into their kids day.  It feels good to have that caught up.
  • Today I spent a 1/2 hr and washed my tin collection. They haven’t been washed in years and they were just plain furry. How do you like that for reality?  In my defense, I’m short and I don’t see them very well.
  • I had to make a hard decision this week regarding one of my kiddos. I didn’t want to, but push came to shove.
  • We are supposed to log Brett’s reading for the month.  He easily meets the 20 minutes a day goal.  Yesterday it was 2 hours. We have to yell at him to put down the book – he’s one of those kids.
  • There’s a big day coming in less than I week. Wish I had some ideas for celebrating!
  • I planned a Friday night sing with appetizers & desserts. I’m looking forward to it!


Thursday 7th of October 2010

I finally had a chance to look at your site & it looks great! Good idea for Fri night.


Wednesday 6th of October 2010

Love your fall decorations!Sorry that push came to shove.Friday night sing with dessert & appetizers - fun!