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Ocean Scenes with Foamie Stickers

Oceans are amazing! They are filled with wonderful creatures that we often do not get to actually see, only read about or see pictures of them. To make these concepts come alive, as part of our Oceans of Summer Fun! theme, we made simple Ocean Scenes. Using foamie stickers, paper, ink, glue and scissors, preschoolers can learn about the ocean and create a lovely ocean scene using these materials and their imagination.

Ocean Scenes

After sticking the stickers on the ocean scenes as desired, we used pencil erasers to stamp bubbles in the water. These types of projects are fun for all ages and some add more details than others depending on their ages.  As you can see, we used paper to create seaweed, sand and coral. You could also brush on glue and sprinkle on sand along the bottom to add more texture and realistic features. Consider small shells too!

Ocean Scenes with Foamie Stickers

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Monday 16th of May 2016

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