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Picnic Week

Last week was picnic week. First we had a pretend picnic. As a group we decided what to bring & packed our picnic basket. We found a spot after going through “the woods and around the lake”. Then we played a game trying to find an item in the picnic basket by touch only.

Ants in our pants finger painting. We also marched to the Ants Go Marching & learned this song:
sung to “Skip to My Lou”
Ants at the picnic, what’ll I do?
Ants at the picnic, what’ll I do?
Ants at the picnic, what’ll I do?
Guess I will eat real quick!
~Betty Silkunas
picnic table cloth weaving
Ketchup & mustard paintings.
On Friday we had a picnic & wrote a group story about going on a picnic.


Saturday 12th of July 2014

Loved this, such great ideas and so easy!!

Ms. Amber

Sunday 12th of February 2012

One of these sleepless nights I need to go back through your blog. :-) I started to but never finished. We are going to do your "ants in pants" project in a couple weeks. :-)

Ben, Kara, Taylor and Hailey

Friday 19th of June 2009

very cute ideas! looks like everyone had lots of fun!