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Play Kitchen {Inspiration}

I’ve been collecting ideas for a while now & the kitchens below have ideas I’d like to incorporate in mine.

Towel Hook & Shelf

Towel bar, shelf

Faucet & bowl


All around GREAT – knobs on front

Here’s my BEFORE pic for this project.  Ugly huh?  Hopefully not for long. It was only $4.99 & I have a plan! Doors are coming off (may go back on), needs to be cleaned & primed. I think I’ll paint it white or a cream color.
The back needs to be replaced, casters are coming off.k2
Shelf & dividers inside? Small back panel & shelf? Built in microwave?
We’ll see what I can do. I should say “we” because my sweet husband is on board with helping with me a few things. Isn’t that nice?  I’m lucky that he believes in my vision even if he can’t always see it himself.  Actually, I think he’s learning to trust me when I bring ugly stuff home.  : )  I foresee this taking some time so don’t hold your breath.