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Playing House

Yesterday after water play, these three all quietly rested on the bed with comic books (without prompting) which then turned into playing house.  The kiddo on the left, she’s the hamster. (Her hair was braided by the other girl!)  The one on the bed is the mom (well of course, she’s the one not doing anything!) and there’s Brett, the baby in the crib.  It was very funny to see him with a paci in his mouth crawling on the floor. He knows I’ve kept his baby one in his top dresser drawer. He *refused* to let me take a picture though.  I love when they’re so involved in play!
Little brother was playing too. Wow, that is one big baby to have sitting on your lap! lol

Dewey and Adina

Tuesday 27th of July 2010

Don't you love kids' imaginations?