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Playing with Pool Noodles {circles}

Our shape for September was the circle. Finally I got some pool noodles to cut up and use for activities (.50 each at Big Lots!) They can easily be cut with a sharp knife. We used them for stacking:

Pool Noddle Block Stackers

The baby filled the shopping cart and moved them to the table, emptying the cart and refilling it:Baby Playing with Pool Noodles

The older ones discovered this on their own – the filled the noodles with the colored pasta:Filling Pool Noddles

We tried threading them onto a string.Threading Pool Noodlesand then circle painting:circle paintings

What does this remind you of? Dunkin Donuts! Our colors for September were brown & pink. I decided we’d also use orange and then thought the colors and shape were looking a bit familiar…yes we have a Dunkin Donuts in Janesville and Brett is a fan of the strawberry glazed donuts!


What a fun, versatile, inexpensive material to work with!

Here are some more fun activities that use pool noodles:

A Purpose Driven Life

The Chocolate Muffin Tree

The Activity Mom

Tuesday 4th of October 2011

Just sent you a direct msg on twitter to invite you to join one of my triberr tribes on twitter. If you have any questions about it, let me know! Would love to have you join us. No extra work once you join. =)It does it all automatically.

The Activity Mom

Tuesday 4th of October 2011

we haven't tried filling them or painting with them yet. fun!