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Preschool Produce Stand Dramatic Play

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For our Growing Gardens theme, I set up a Preschool Produce Stand Dramatic Play. We had a variety of play foods but I discovered not so much for vegetables. I found some fruits at the Dollar Tree but they didn’t have much. A few other things came from Michael’s.

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Preschool Produce Stand Dramatic PlayProduce Stand Dramatic Play in Preschool

I will have to continue to look for realistic vegetables at a reasonable price. I put out a tub of real potatoes since I didn’t have any pretend ones. Just to be safe, I put the grape bunches in plastic fruit containers and hot-glued them shut. So far the kids haven’t pried them open!produce stand dramatic play in preschool 3

The little berry baskets are 2/$1 at the Dollar Tree – so cute! I made the banner on my Silhouette.


produce stand dramatic play in preschool 2

The kids love filling up the bags and shopping cart with fruits and vegetables! This could be taken a step further with labels on the produce baskets, shopping lists, etc, but my group is quite young for that. Just talking about the foods and playing with them has been beneficial.

produce stand dramatic play preschool play

Load up on veggies!

dramatic play produce stand 11 

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