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Hibernating Animals Activities Printables


The Hibernating Animals Printable Activity Bundle includes fun preschool, school age-appropriate worksheets, and materials to learn about the different types of animals who hibernate or do not hibernate, literacy, and natural science skills.



Let’s learn about animals that hibernate! Hibernation is like a deep sleep and an animal’s heartbeats and breathing slows. They live off their fat and do not have to eat during this time. What do animals do when it’s cold and they can’t find food? What kinds of animals hibernate? Add these Hibernating Animals Activities Printables to your winter themes. 

Hibernating Animals Activities Printables for kids

Learn About Hibernating Animals

Who hibernates? Hedgehogs, skunks, bears, chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons, snails, bumblebees, bats, turtles, kangaroos, moths, frogs, and snakes.

Hibernating Animals Activities Printables Include:

  • Hibernating Animals Poster
  • Hibernation Facts Fill in the Blank Worksheet
  • What Animals Hibernate During Winter? Circle the answer page
  • Animal Hibernation Cut and Paste Picture Page
  • Sorting Hibernating Animals Cut & Paste & Tracer
  • Hibernation Crossword Puzzle
  • Hibernating Animals Picture Cards

The Hibernating Animals Printable Activities consists of one PDF file. Simply print and use!

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