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Parts of the House Activity Printables


The Parts of the House Activity Printables include fun preschool, school age-appropriate worksheets, and materials to learn about homes, what’s found in a home, what rooms are in the home,  and shapes and colors of houses.


Where do you live? Who lives with you? What rooms are in the house? These are questions young learners can learn when studying All About Me themes or differences in families.

Adding printable materials to a learning center encourages the development of writing and fine motor skills, creating a flexible environment for differing levels of development. Expand your All About Me preschool themes or social studies units.

Parts of the House Printables

Learn About Parts of the House 

Help children learn to discriminate between images, match objects to the correct room, learn about the shapes in a home, color homes, and use visual clues to answer questions about homes.

Lego Number Building Printables Include:

  • House Matching Worksheet
  • Around the House Cut & Paste
  • Living Room Sort
  • Trace & Color the House Page
  • Label Parts of the House Writing
  • Rooms in the House Writing Page
  • House Shapes

The Parts of the House Activity Printables consists of one PDF file. Simply print and use!

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