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Recycled Plastic Beads Necklace

Brett’s homework this week is to make something from recycled items. I recently came across this tutorial on how to make Recycled Plastic Beads Necklace from plastic bottles so Brett’s project was a perfect excuse to give it a try. It’s a great activity for Earth Day as well.

It’s super easy and the beads look so neat! We just made them into a necklace because I wasn’t sure what else to do with them but I think gluing them down on something to make a collage would be interesting too. Brett and a friend spent nearly 1 1/2 hrs. on this project mostly coloring but they loved it!

Recycled Plastic Beads Necklace


  • Plastic water or soda bottles
  • sharp scissors
  • heat gun
  • Sharpie markers
  • pliers
  • stretchy necklace thread


  1. Cut water or soda bottles into strips, about 1″ wide.
  2. Children can color plastic with permanent Sharpie markers. Remember to protect your surface.
  3. Adult: wrap plastic bottle strip around a pliers and hold it tight.
  4. Heat with a heat gun until melted.
  5. Set down on a tray to allow it to cool. It takes just seconds.
  6. Thread onto string to make a necklace or glue to a piece of cardboard to make a creative art display.
Recycled Plastic Beads Necklace
Coloring strips of plastic cut from pop & water bottles.
Recycled Plastic Beads Necklace
After coloring the strips. I wrapped them around and held with it a pliers while I melted it with a heat gun.
Recycled Plastic Beads Necklace
Recycled Plastic Beads Necklace
The finished project.

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Wednesday 11th of April 2012

having been horrified about the dangerous chemicals released from plastics bottles when heated, i am concerned about this craft. it looks really good and i would love to do it but this worries me


Wednesday 11th of April 2012

We opened the window when we did ours. I'm sure it's still not ideal to breathe any of it in and it's probably not great for the environment (although I'm sure tons of them are burned every day). Do what you feel comfortable with.

The Katies

Thursday 16th of April 2009

Stacy, we also added this project to tomorrow's post on Earth Day. Come on by and see your features!


Wednesday 15th of April 2009

Not really. Just have a some blogs in Google Reader that are a collection of ideas from around the web.