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Simple Rainbow Tie-Dye


This idea is from Pink & Green Mama, her “no-mess tie dye”. It was a lot of fun! The older kids really enjoyed it. One of the younger ones wrecked his shirt with the Sharpies Sad smile but he enjoyed it too.  Open-mouthed smile


After drawing with permanent markers on the fabric stretched over a cup, we dropped rubbing alcohol with droppers and watched the colors spread.td2

The idea is to make a design with concentric circles with dots or lines close together. Since my group is young & creative, they had a wide variety of techniques. They turned out beautiful!  I think these pieces would make a neat banner but I had to send them home with with the kids. We’ll have to make a banner another time. The one above {right corner with the hearts} is one of my favorites and E made it for me. If you look closely you’ll see it says “for Stacey”. It’s a keeper.tdyet2