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Something Helpful: Changing No-Reply Email Addresses in Blogger

I’ve been getting lots of comments & questions on my blog posts, which I love! Thank you! Red rose  I am glad to answer questions and would like to send a personal reply. 

I’m sure we’ve all left comments on a blog and wonder if the blogger will ever see it, reply to it and if so, how will you know?  I don’t have time to check back until a reply is posted on the original post. I’m sure you don’t either!

If you’d like to receive a reply from a blogger, or even get to know others better online, this is a great tutorial on Pleasant Home for changing your no-reply email setting on your profile.

So check your profile! Let others email you. It’s nice. Smile

It’s simple really, and so helpful. {And no, I don’t get a bunch of spam, your address won’t be that visible.}


Monday 1st of August 2011

Thanks! I was unintentionally a no-reply blogger. Actually, I've been replying to people in my blog comments rather than replying by email anyways.

I always hate seeing bloggers with comments and no replies to the people there; I guess they may have been emailing them back? Still, there are often comments with questions I'd like to know the answer to as well!


Monday 1st of August 2011

I didn't know about this, I'm going to see if I need to change it now! : ) Thanks!