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Weighing Fruits and Vegetables

Weighing Fruits and Vegetables is a simple science and math an activity that we had out last week. All you need is a tray with a kitchen scale, mini pumpkins {gourds}, an apple and a potato.

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scale Weighing Fruits and Vegetables
Brett always has to try out our activities before the kids arrive. Winking smile
I included a container so multiple items could be weighed at once.scale3
This isn’t a complex activity with worksheets for documenting or anything beyond discovery. It introduces another way to compare items, learn about cause and effect, and allows for experimenting. The kids noticed the numbers whether or not they could read the scale, they were counting and telling their guesses at the weight.
Since my group is so young, we didn’t do much more beyond this but we did talk about which is heavier and what looks bigger, etc. I found the scale at a thrift store. It was worth picking up!scale5
It was about 3 days before the apple got bit into.

These two were off school last week and enjoyed experimenting too!



Ms. Amber

Friday 14th of October 2011

Fun! You got great pictures!