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Hi, I’m Stacy, the owner of the blog Share & Remember, which covers early childhood education topics, creative art and craft resources as well as literacy, math, science and play experience ideas. I love to share printable materials for you to use in the classroom right away. Most are free and quick to download with a click.

I started blogging to share our personal lives with distant family members, but over time I’ve started to share more of the preschool activities I do with my family child care group. Be sure to subscribe to see all my posts and receive free printables!

I have two amazing guys in my life, my husband and our son. We have two beautiful Ragdoll cats, Willow and Juniper.

I have a lot of interests and creative tendencies, like baking, gardening, watercolor painting, and crafting, so my blog combines many things. Check out Instagram to connect on the day-to-day!

Thanks for reading!

My Qualifications in Early Childhood Education

I had a family child care business in my home for almost 20 years. I’ve found such a source of inspiration amongst other Early Childhood professionals, and I enjoy sharing my ideas with others, too.

During this time, I completed my Preschool Credential, Early Childhood Associate degree, and a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education from UW-Green Bay. I closed my preschool in December of 2021, but my heart is still in Early Childhood Education and supporting educators.

Currently, I work for a preschool curriculum publishing company in marketing and supporting educators with content and training.


In October of 2022, I was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma, so I want to use this platform to share my story since it’s not easy to find information on this rare type of uterine sarcoma that presents as fibroids.

Cleidocranial Dysplasia

Also, I want to bring awareness to Cleidocranial Dysplasia (CCD), which our son was born with, so others who have it can learn about it quicker than we did.

Let’s Work Together

I’d love to work with the right brands that align with my home and family, food, crafts, and early childhood categories. Please email me for my media kit or with inquiries.



Saturday 17th of February 2024

Hey, I was wondering if you you're able to sell me your Mothergoose time lesson plans? I'm just starting homeschooling, but cant afford the Mothergoose time kits yet. If you are willing to sell them to me, please name your price. Thanks a lot x