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A is for Alligator

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We’re starting a new theme this month with Experience Curriculum called A to Zoo Animals. How fun! We are loving this theme! I can’t promise to cover the whole alphabet of activities we do, but we’ll start with A is for Alligator.

Originally posted June 2016 – some materials from the A to Zoo kit may have changed.

A to Zoo Animals - A is for Alligator #MGTblogger

Each child gets a zoo photo booklet to keep at the end of the month. Each day we look at the animal card and talk about what we know about the animals.

zoo books
A is for Alligator

We trace the letters on the back of the card with our finger. The alphabet cards can also be used to copy letters and words into our journals.

Aa card

This theme is awesome right from the start. Each month our kit from Experience Early Learning includes a theme related book and music CD. My kids love this one!

There’s a phonics song for each letter of the alphabet. The A is for Alligator song is catchy!

A is for alligator in the swamp
A is for alligator, what will you chomp
/a//a//a//a/ letter A,, /a//a//a//a/ letter A

We’re enjoying this awesome A to Z Animals book too.

A to Z Animals book
A to Z Animals book

Here’s story time at my house!

The puppet craft (June 2016 & 2019 Make & Play art) was actually a bit difficult to pull together. Normally the projects included in the kits are very simple for the kids to do on their own, but there were a few factors with this one so I put the puppets together for the kids to play with. Worked out! The base of the puppet is a square paper plate. It’s folded diagonally and then the corners (sides of the mouth) are cut off. Then the top is covered with paper to make a pocket for the hand to hold the puppet. You can kind of see how it goes in the photos:

a is for alligator puppet

They turned out super cute and the kids enjoyed playing with them, chomping everything!

To introduce a story, I got out our alligator puppet. He’s handsome! (Although I prefer the one pictured below…) If you’re looking for inexpensive puppets, The Dollar Tree often has them. I have a thing about collecting puppets…We should use them more because the kids are enthralled with them.

a is for alligator puppet

Alligator Habitat Invitation to Create

Alligator Habitats are fun to make! Go outside and gather some nature times like grass, sticks and rocks. Then cut out the alligator shape and make an alligator habitat. I love incorporating nature into art and other activities.

Playdough & Golf Tees Alligator Teeth

How many teeth does an alligator have? It’s fun to make alligator teeth with playdough and white golf tees. Try adding different things to press into the dough to make alligator teeth or a die to roll and count teeth. Fun either way!

Alligator Nest Counting

Then we played a math game with alligator egg shapes. It’s a matching game with dots on one set of eggs and numbers on the other set. I made a nest with shredded paper and put the eggs in it. Then the children choose an egg and match it to the correct number.

It’s fun to learn about alligators and letter A!

Click here for more A to Zoo Animal themed activities!

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning

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