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Bird Sounds Listening Activity with Bird Photos Printable

I don’t often do listening activities, which is a shame because young children need to develop this skill. We had so much fun with this bird sounds listening activity, I realized I should come up with more listening games. All through April, we LOVED learned about Birds & Eggs with Experience Curriculum. Listening to bird sounds added to our learning. It’s a simple activity with much impact- seeing the photos and listening to the sounds makes it effective. I’ve included the resources you will need – the website for the bird sounds and free printable photo cards of familiar birds.

Bird Sounds Listening Activity with Printable Photos
color photos of birds

Bird Sounds Listening Activity

The photos included in the listening activity are cardinal, robin, chicken, duck, eagle, crow, peacock, blue jay, parakeet, owl and goose.

bird photos printable
bird photos printable
bird photos printable

Preparing for the Bird Sounds Listening Activity is easy.

parakeet and peacock bird photos green and blue


  1. Print Bird Photo Cards and laminate (if desired).
  2. Arrange the photo cards on the floor, table or pocket chart.
  3. Use this site to play bird sounds:
  4. The child listens to the sound and selects the photo of the bird he or she thinks makes the sound.
  5. Repeat!
robin bird photo
bird photos printable

You could make this an independent activity by putting shortcuts to each sound clip on the desktop of a tablet. The child could play the sound on their own and select the corresponding card.

Bird Sounds Listening Activity

We were surprised by the sound the eagle makes! We thought it would be more powerful sounding.

owl bird photo printable
crow bird printable

The photos could also be used as a matching game or for display.

What’s your favorite bird sound?


Wednesday 15th of March 2023

I couldn't find all of the bird sounds to go with your photos on this site. Have they taken them down?


Friday 17th of March 2023

@brenda, Here's the link: Then use the search box at the top of the page to find the specific bird sounds.

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