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Make Your Own Wood Peg Dolls Matching Set

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Make Your Own Wood Peg Dolls Matching Set

Make your own Wood Peg Dolls Matching Set for imaginative play or a color matching activity.

Purchase these two items. I found them at a local craft store or you can find them on Amazon.

Paint with liquid watercolors. We use Handy Art Liquid Watercolors.

That’s all! You may choose to seal them with a clear coat but we did not. If they get wet, color may come off so if you have little ones that will put them in their mouth, you might consider a clear coat.

This colorful peg doll matching set is a hit with toddlers! In and out, moving and stacking. It is interesting to sit back and observe when little ones are playing with them. Without any direction, children will often match the colors up. Great for little hands and eye hand coordination.

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