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Super Fun Syringe Painting

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If you’re looking for a super fun summer (or end of summer) activity, this is it – Super Fun Syringe Painting!Super Fun Syringe Painting

Syringe Painting


My husband made us an outdoor plexi-glass easel. It has been awesome for all kinds of play, including shaving cream, sponges, painting and water play. It also worked to tape large sheets of roll paper to it for our splattering syringe painting.

plexiglass easelNext time I will move the easel to the grass so paint doesn’t need to be scrubbed off the deck and siding.

This is definitely about the process but our painting turned out neat too. Fine motor skills come into play, using small hand muscles. Lots of learning about how syringes and suction works. It’s cooperative play too, since it’s necessary to take turns, share space and share the paint colors. Soon there was coloring mixing and discovering that paint could be suctioned up off the tray.

Syringe Painting collage

Filled and aiming! It’s fun to see  how far you can squirt the paint.syringe painting

Or maybe try it up close.syringe painting

It’s fun to do it again and again.syring painting with orange

Be prepared for a colorful mess! This is a good activity to do while wearing swimwear and then play in the sprinkler afterwards. Our paint did not stain swimwear or skin but be careful to use washable paints and you can thin them down quite a bit with water.

syringe painting

Have some super summer fun, painting with syringes!

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