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B is for Bear Den

Experience Early Learning’s Winter in the Woods Preschool theme includes learning about animals in the woods. We learned about bears and B is for Bear Den.

B is for Bear Den

B is for Bear Den Bear Den Materials

I love that the Invitations to Create from Experience Early Learning often include using nature items. For this project, we used silk leaves and sticks from the yard.

B is for Bear Den sticks and leaves

We also used pinecones for trees. The photos of bears were included for us to use in our bear dens and to play with.

bear photos, cardboard and pinecones to make bear dens

Look at this beautiful picture of a big bear by its den. What a great inspiration photo. It makes us wonder, how did he make the den?

b is for bear photo

The cards included with our Invitation to Create provide some background knowledge and make for nice commentary next to a display.

about bears hibernating

B is for Bear Den

We’ve made bear dens before, so I found a piece of cardboard for our base. I think that makes it easier for kids to have something to glue their materials to.

Some choose to color their dens with a marker. Others just wanted to get down to the business of gluing! I did help glue the den to the cardboard and the pinecones on with a glue gun.

B is for Bear Den Winter in the Woods Experience Early Learning Preschool Curriculum

It makes for a more successful experience when we use materials that work. Regular glue would work too, but it takes longer to dry.

I worked with each child individually and helped them glue on the materials that needed the glue gun. They told me where they wanted a stick or the pinecone, and we glued it on.

B is for Bear Den Winter in the Woods Experience Early Learning Preschool Curriculum

Our bear dens engaged the imagination and turned out beautiful as well.

Bear den preschool crafts

It really does look like a bear den in the woods, a place where a bear might want to rest for the long winter.

Bear den project

The kids were proud to take them home.

Writing Letter B

During group time, we worked on the letter B. To get their attention at circle time, I drew a bear and a bell and wrote: B is for Bear and B is for bell. First, we circled the letter Bb. Then everyone took turns writing uppercase and lowercase letter B.

They seem more interested in writing at circle time when they take turns at the dry-erase board. We can spend a lot of time writing, and they are patient to wait their turn!

I Spy Letter B

Our letter B work continued with the I Spy Letter B page and letter cards.

Most in my group want to color the whole page but we review it together first. Then they color the page as desired. They are toddlers and preschoolers – they want to color!

I try to go around and work with each child individually so I know where they are at in letter recognition. Sometimes we do the page together at group time so everyone gets the benefit of learning from the more advanced learners.

I Spy Letter B page from Experience Early Learning

Letter B Loose Letter Parts

Loose letter parts are like puzzle pieces. Again, my group seems more interested in working on these during group time when they have to wait their turn. Then they say, “I’m next!” and look forward to making their letters.

Loose Letter Parts from Experience Early Learning Preschool curriculum

That’s all for B is for Bear Dens. We learned a lot and had fun too. That’s why we love Experience Early Learning preschool curriculum!

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning