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B is for Bird

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

What do you know about a bird? Birds come in all size and colors. Birds eat berries, worms, bugs or bird food. Birds make sounds. What might a bird be saying with its call? All good questions for B is for Bird!

B is for Bird #AtoZooAnimals #MGTblogger


Set out a bowl of feathers. Encourage children to work together to make a letter B on the floor with the feathers.

B is for B #MGTblogger Parrot card
Making letter B with feathers
Make a B with feathers

Bird Colors

I loved this idea to set out colorful items and colored bowls or cups so the children could sort them. I decided to make it into a sensory bin so I could leave it out longer, plus it contains all the materials better. It turned out great!

I attached the “Color Birds” to the cups and taped them to the edge of the sensory bin. Then I dumped in several containers of small toys, like small animals, magnetic letters, brick blocks, and connecting cubes. It was self-explanatory really, the kids knew exactly what to do. I added tweezers as well, to make it a little more challenging and add a fine motor aspect to it. Some of the children just enjoyed exploring all the different objects in the table.

B is for Bird sorting bird colors sensory bin
B is for Bird coloring sorting cups
B is for Bird color sorting activity
B is for Bird
B is for Bird sensory bin color sorting

B is for Bird cat in the tweezers sorting colors
B is for Bird sensory bin

 Bird Calls

When we learn about animals, I find it helpful to look up animal photos, videos and sound clips online as it makes the animal “come to life”. This is a great resource that was included in the Mother Goose Time teacher guide that features various bird calls. Some calls are long, short, loud or soft. Check them out here: eNature: Bird Audio

Bird Puppets

After crafting bird puppets, we learned:

Two Little Birdies

Two little birdies,
sitting on a knee,
one named John and one named Brie.
Fly away, John; fly away, Brie,
Come back John; come back, Brie.

bird puppets


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