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P is for Polar Bear

P is for Polar Bear. What would you do if you met a polar bear? That is the question!

P is for Polar Bear - Share & Remember
P is for Polar Bear daily topic poster Mother Goose Time
p is for polar bear

Our main work with letter P was a literacy project. It involved gluing on a polar bear paw print, creating an ink footprint for comparison and writing a sentence answering the question, “What would you do if you met a polar bear?”

I Can Read coloring books

I added a copy of the letter P coloring page from our “I Can Read” books to the outside. I felt like it really completed our little booklet.

P is for Polar Bear coloring page

This activity uses dictation – the process of writing down what a child says. A parent or teacher can write down the child’s thoughts or ideas when they are able to express them but not yet write for themselves.  Not only is it an effective way for pre-writers to “write”, it also allows adults to model writing, spelling and writing sentences.   I always like to ask each child individually so I get a unique answer from each one, otherwise, they tend to copy each other. Usually, the first thing that comes out their mouths, that’s the best answer!

If I met a polar bear, I would scare him! – 4 year old

If I met a polar bear, I would run away! – 2 year old

If I met a polar bear, I would hug him and kiss it and pretend that it was my momma bear!- 5 year old

P is for Polar Bear paw print vs child footprint

If I met a polar bear,  I would say “Hi!” and give him a hug and a kiss! – 4 year old

If I met a polar bear... P is for Polar Bear
Making footprints comparing to polar bear paw print

The kids loved making their footprints. Each child chose the ink color for their print. The easiest way to make footprints, that I’ve found, is to use large ink pads. Have the child sit down on a small chair. Rub the ink pad on their foot. Then have them step down on the paper. Guide their foot and help make a clean print. Then wipe their foot with a wet paper towel or baby wipe. Offer a dry paper towel too, so they don’t slip. It was interesting to see the way a person’s footprint is different from a polar bear’s paw print!

The obvious book choice for P is for Polar Bear day is Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You See? I’m sure every early childhood educator already thought of that!