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Celebrating Families in Preschool

September’s Mother Goose Time theme is Me & My Family.  It’s a perfect place to start learning. Today’s families are diverse. Families may consist of: multi-ethnic, single parents, grandparents, adoptive parents, same sex, or blended families. All families are different but all families are a place to belong, who lives in the house, who love each other and are committed to each other. Celebrating families in preschool important because families have a unique role  in their children’s learning and development.

Celebrating Families in Preschool

Celebrating Families in Preschool

Using the family stamps included in September’s kit, (and currently exclusive to The Mother Goose Time Me & My Family kit) we talked about who lives in our homes. These people are our family. Some of our family members do not live in our house. We may have pets who are included in our family.

Celebrating Families in Preschool
Some put their family in order by boy/girl or age.
Celebrating Families in Preschool
Some just stamped lots of families.
Celebrating Families in Preschool
Experimenting with the stamps and ink pad takes time so I left the stamps out on a tray. There was occasional frustration with the image created.Celebrating Families in Preschool
Families are important.  I enjoyed talking to each one about their family, most whom I’ve gotten to know well.
Celebrating Families in Preschool
One girl said she had a baby sister. Everyone else knew she didn’t. Well, it’s nice to want to a baby sister! Celebrating Families in Preschool
Families are beautiful. family stamps 10
Even ink stamped families on a stamps 5

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Sunday 25th of August 2019

How can I find those amazing stamps? Please let me know! I would love to use them in my classroom for "Who's in my Family?" theme.


Thursday 29th of August 2019

Hi, they are from Mother Goose Time curriculum. You could contact them to see if there are any available but I think they were only sold in the curriculum kits.

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